Are you having trouble generating qualified leads? Is your sales staff wasting time chasing down unproductive prospects? Then read how professional copywriting can help you.

Growth and profitability are only possible with new sales. And new sales are made possible with copy and content that appeals to your potential customer.

Words make the sale but not just any words will do. Your company needs copy and content that:

  • Clearly describes how your product or service will benefit the reader.
  • Is targeted to a specific market…and a specific reader within that market.
  • Showcases the benefits of doing business with your company instead of your competition.
  • Persuades the prospect to take the action you seek.

Find the prospects that are actually interested in doing business with you. Then hold their interest by providing marketing materials that help them make the proper decision.

A combination of professionally written inbound and outbound marketing materials will:

  • Allow you to target your marketing activities.
  • Put an end to wasteful cold-calling.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Guide your prospect through the sales process.
  • Provide your sales staff with the opportunity to close more sales,

Learn more about me and how I can contribute to your lead generation program.

Visit these pages to learn more about my services and me. Then contact me for a free, no-obligation quote for your marketing materials. Be sure to ask for your free copy of my new guide “The Three Phases of a Successful New Product Launch”.

  •  Services – Learn how copy that I produce can help your company reach your marketing goals.
  •  Why Me – This page will provide you with some insight into my experience and why our relationship will be helpful to your business.
  • Samples – You can download samples of copy that I’ve produced.

Don’t lose potential business with poorly written copy.

Send me a brief description of your marketing project. I’ll be glad to discuss how we can work together to insure a successful campaign. If you wish to contact me directly:

  • Email – john@jleecopywriter.com
  • Telephone – 813-728-2153

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